Creative Pointers

The information below gives you some ideas on how best to use our software. Just let your imagination guide You. It’s extremely simple and easy to use.

Overview: Your select the specific photo books/photogifts you want. This product will then display within the "central working area" of our Software. The top content button allows you to browse through options on how you will choose your design to ‘look and feel’. This will include template;

All of which may be dragged by your Mouse, down onto your to your pages.
Click and drag the page borders just as you would turn the pages of a real photobook.

Pictures may be manipulated via the;

Add Words: A great feature our customers always rave about is how easy it is too add text beside specific Photo’s. This feature allows you to Type in names and dates of special occasions beside the Photo it is relevant to. You can even write your own short story. The amount of wording you enter and where you position your Names, Locations, Dates and Storyboards is all up to you. There are no limits to what you can do and create.

To add text to your picture area:
1. Click the Text button in the tools panel.
2. A text box will appear within the photobooks/photogifts and text options will be activated.
3. Click in the white area containing the words and ‘Add Your Text’ to type your desired message.

Editing Photos: To crop or apply special effects'
1. Select picture, then click the Edit button.
2. Choose your available enhancements. These include Black and White, Sepia, Brightness and Contrast.

You may save your work at any time by clicking the Save button in the tools panel. You will them be prompted to enter a name for your project and once saved, you may log off and return at any time. Access to saved projects/jobs will be available from your Saved Projects.

When you are happy with your photobooks/photogifts, click Add to Cart in the bottom right corner to buy.

Here's how easy it is...